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Does it require batteries?

No batteries required. It’s always at 100% and ready to go.

Does it light up?

The Moonsash uses the science of retro-reflectivity to redirect light directly back to its source. So without light, it won’t reflect. But shine a light on it, especially at night, and will beam back at you. 

How do you put it on with one hand?

To place the Moonsash on your left hip, hold the top of the loop with your right hand. Put your left hand through the loop, then pull it over your head with your right hand and place it on your shoulder. Reverse for placing on your right hip.

How much will the carabiner hold?

For testing purposes, it easily held a 30 lb dumbbell – but it was quite uncomfortable. Load it up though! On ours for dog walks, we have a waste bag dispenser, flashlight, velcro leash tether, treat bag, clicker and house key. 

Can I run or jog with it on?

Absolutely! But I wouldn’t have anything attached to the carabiner because it will bounce around. To keep the Moonsash from spinning around to your front or back, use the carabiner to clip to any garment to keep it in place.

Are there business or quantity discounts?

If you’re a business customer on Amazon, there are multiple quantity discounts offered. The more you buy, the more you save. For large orders exceeding the limit of 25 on Amazon, please contact us directly for a quote. We’ll take care of you.

Why is the striping gray and not shiny?

Without light shining on the Moonsash, the retro-reflective strip appears gray. But shine a light on it and it’ll reflect that light right back at you.

Is there an adjustable Moonsash?

No, and there probably never will be for many reasons. The beauty of the Moonsash is its simplicity. One size can fit a range of sizes, so the vast majority of people will fit one of our three sizes. Adding adjustability would complicate the product and raise the cost of manufacturing, materials and price. Having adjustable hardware would make it more difficult and uncomfortable to use and throw off the balance of the Moonsash. Lastly, making an adjustable Moonsash that is still fully reversible and reflective is next to impossible. Less is more. 

Is it supposed to hang from the left or right side?

It works equally well on both sides, so it depends on your preference or situation. If you’re right handed or walk your dog on your left side, for example, you may like having it on the right side for easiest access to items on the carabiner.

Is this ANSI Certified?

No. ANSI certification requires more reflective surface area than could fit on a Moonsash. If you want ANSI certified, be prepared to wear a very ugly vest.

Can I clip a dog leash to the Moonsash to be hands-free?

You can, but we definitely don’t recommend this – doing so could reduce the amount of reflective material facing oncoming traffic, or result in a dog yanking the owner and causing injury.

Can I wash it?

Yes, but only by hand. A little soap and water will remove most dirt. But avoid scrubbing the retro-reflective striping, as you may wear away some of the micro reflective beads baked onto the webbing. 

Why is so expensive?

The webbing used in the Moonsash is thick, dense, durable and double-sided. And although using the Moonsash is super simple, the sewing process is not. When creating the Moonsash, we realized that it must be reversible to be functional, which requires more expensive material and much more detail and sewing time. Plus every Moonsash is created by people earning living wages in the USA. NOT China.

Will it make a good stocking stuffer?

Absolutely! It’s a great gift for anyone because of its versatility – it can be used at home, stashed in a bag for on the go, or kept in the car for roadside safety. When packaged, the Moonsash is folded twice and placed into a narrow, clear plastic bag with attractive packaging. The resulting compact size allows the package to easily slide into a stocking for some lucky recipient.

Do you sell only on Amazon?

Currently yes. Eventually we do hope to branch out into other retailers, but as a small business we’ve found that Amazon offers the best options for us as sellers and exposes the Moonsash to a large and diverse range of consumers.