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For kids and small adults (approximately 5′ tall or under). >> 25” flat (50” loop).


Sized to fit most average-size (approximately 5 to 6-foot tall) teens and/or adults comfortably. >> 30” flat (60” loop).


For big/tall/large men and women (over 6′ tall and/or 200+ lbs), to be worn over an extra-thick coat, or for those who require more room for a comfortable fit. >> 35” flat (70” loop).

The right size for you:

Fit is subjective. If you’re a larger person who wants a snug fit for jogging, probably the Original size is best. Or if you’re smaller, wear a thick coat and like the Moonsash™ to hang lower, then the XL may be your best fit. If your Moonsash™ doesn’t fit to your liking, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the size that’s best for you.