What you focus on grows

They say that what you focus on grows, and it’s a concept that proves itself because, once you start seeing through that lens, you can’t stop noticing it.

For instance, since I invented the Moonsash I can’t help but notice, when I drive around after dark, that the majority of pedestrians wear black at night. I never really realized it before, but it’s almost without exception in Seattle where I live. As a driver, I can tell you that people wearing black after dark are hard to see even if you’re really alert – it’s almost like they’re trying to be invisible.

What’s more, so many of them are absorbed in their phones or plugged into their ear buds, practically oblivious to the world around them. My own kids are guilty of that, as are all their friends, and it scares the heck out of me. I’ve actually been hit by a car and thrown several feet while crossing the street during morning traffic (luckily saved by the titanium laptop in my bag, which absorbed most of the impact), and I wasn’t even wearing ear buds or looking at my phone. The driver just didn’t notice me crossing as he waited for a break to make his left turn. That taught me that as a pedestrian, you basically take your life into your own hands. It’s up to you to make sure drivers see you. 

The fact is, most drivers today are also more distracted than ever before  — by phone calls, music or pod casts, texting, dashboard displays, and so many other things. Combined with distracted pedestrians (not to mention pedestrians apparently trying to be invisible at night), it’s truly a deadly combination. 

Sometimes I actually want to pull over and ask someone, “Are you trying to get hit?!” I want to give every one of these people a Moonsash. It’s such an easy way to help protect yourself. Sadly, I’m not yet at the point where I can afford to give them away to every black-clad pedestrian I see. So I hope you’ll join me in making a greater effort to focus on pedestrians and avoid distractions while driving. It could literally save a life.

What you focus on grows